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  • Monday 20 March 2023 Science Week!
  • Thursday 2 March 2023 Spring term - week 5
  • Thursday 26 January 2023 Spring Term 1 - Week 3
  • Thursday 12 January 2023 Spring Term 1 - Week 1
  • Thursday 8 December 2022 Autumn Term week 13
  • Friday 25 November 2022 Autumn Term 2 - Week 4 The children have worked hard to try out movement routines on the gymnastics equipment.
  • Thursday 10 November 2022 Autumn term 2 - Week1
  • Thursday 20 October 2022 Autumn Term-Final week of first term
  • Friday 7 October 2022 Autumn Term
  • Thursday 22 September 2022 Autumn Term 1st week
  • Friday 17 June 2022 Summer Term 7
  • Friday 27 May 2022 Summer Term 6
  • Friday 13 May 2022 Summer term 3
  • Friday 29 April 2022 Summer Term 1
  • Thursday 31 March 2022 Spring 4
  • Friday 18 March 2022 Science Week in Year 2
  • Friday 4 March 2022 Spring 4 Within the past two weeks, Year 2 have completed their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory newspaper reports and started their new Revolting Rhymes text. Our new text is Little Red Riding Hood, retold as a poem with major twists. We had a go at role playing the new version of the story, identifying rhyming couplets and discussing what we prefer about the new version, in comparison to the old.
  • Friday 11 February 2022 Spring 3
  • Friday 28 January 2022 Spring 2
  • Friday 14 January 2022 Spring 1
  • Thursday 2 December 2021 Autumn Term 6
  • Friday 19 November 2021 Autumn Term 5
  • Friday 5 November 2021 Autumn Term 4
  • Friday 15 October 2021 Autumn Term 3 Year 2 have had a really exciting and busy couple of weeks. At the beginning of the week, we had a special visit from a Wildlife Trust member to carry out some pond dipping. This linked to our Living Things and Habitats learning that we have been exploring in Science. We discussed and explored types of creatures that live and depend on our schoolpond and what we can do as a school to preserve as many habitats as possible. After that, we had a go at identifying pond creatures by putting pond nets in the pond and putting water samples in trays. As a group, we then had a look at each other’s trays to see what we had all discovered. Some of us found dragonfly larvae and red worms! To end the session, the Wildlife Trust leader showed us how she made her very own mini pond, using basic things such as a washing up tub! We thought it was such an interesting way of providing homes for pond creatures. As part of our homework, we are really excited to try a mini pond ourselves and see what
  • Friday 1 October 2021 Autumn Term 2 Over the past two weeks, Year 2 have continued their learning to support them in answering their big question at the end of term. We travelled all the way back to the 1920s to explore what televisions looked like and how they have evolved to the present day. The children reflected on the different ways in which technology has advanced and how this has helped communication. We found out that years and years ago projectors were used and TV images were in black and white! Today, majority of families have televisions in their homes but when TV’s first appeared, it was considered a luxury. We explored how television has enabled us to spread important news around the world and stay informed about Covid 19 updates. Furthermore, we reflected on how the advancement in technology provided many positive opportunities to communicate with loved ones during Covid, especially when we could not see them in person for a long time.
  • Friday 17 September 2021 Autumn Term 1 Year 2 have an excellent start to the new term. From cave art to the Great Kapok Tree, we have been busy bees!

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