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Why is Reading important?


Why is reading important?

Over a century, the renowned World Book Day began. The aim then, was to celebrate authors, publishers and copyrighters. Without a doubt, this helped to boost book sales. Ultimately it encouraged reading no matter what your age.  Although this initially began in 1922, it has been an annual event ever since.

This year like all other years St Dominic celebrated this fun occasion as the students and staff came dressed in an array of different characters from a range of books. Year 5 was no exception, as they showed off their creativity and individuality. They showcased different characters they were captivated by, in their ingenious outfits. It was magnificent! The buzz in school was glorious.  

This display reiterated the significant role books play in our lives, especially children. A child mesmerised by a book is a remarkable sight to see. Undoubtedly, reading books informs and educates our students, improves their intellect, makes students aware of the various societies, and civilizations across the globe. Moreover, reading books enhances imagination and creativity in the student's mind, while expanding their vocabulary and their use of language. World Book Day reiterates that reading has influenced our lives in many ways.