St Dominic Catholic Primary

If we live by truth and in love, we shall grow in Christ

summer Term 6

After a week of working extremely hard and completing quizzes, Year 2 were ready to celebrate. As a treat last Friday, Year 2 came into school in non-uniform, brought their favourite toy in to play and watched a film whilst eating popcorn!

This week, we had a great time celebrating the Ascension mass and the Jubilee. During the week, Year 2 practised the order of the Ascension mass and their readings and bidding prayers. It has been a while since we have all been in mass together, so we wanted to be prepared! On Thursday morning we walked all the way through Harpenden high street to Our Lady Lourdes Church for our Ascension church service. We really enjoyed listening to the readings and the Gospel read by Mgr Turner. Monsignor even brought us up to the altar to explain parts of the mass and why the Ascension is so significant.

After the mass, we returned to school and had some exciting activities to do to celebrate the Jubilee. After lunch, we were each given a Union Jack Flag to take to the assembly. During the assembly, we learnt all about why we are celebrating the jubilee and why it is significant for the Queen. Towards the end of the assembly, we waved our flags as we sang the national anthem. Then, we made our way back to our classroom to design our crowns for the crown competition. Each year group had a teacher allocated to judge their crowns. A King and Queen were chosen from every year group and prizes were handed out! Before we went home, we enjoyed a special afternoon tea with some entertainment. We had so much fun!