St Dominic Catholic Primary

If we live by truth and in love, we shall grow in Christ

Year 6 -Science Week! "GROWTH"



Throughout this week, Year 6 have been fully immersed into the world of Science! We started the week with a BANG! (quite literally) in their assembly with Professor Bubble, where we were able to use scientific language to draw conclusions with the interactive experiments he demonstrated. We particularly enjoyed the “power of gas” and how strong the force can be even though it is usually invisible ( unless you add smoke from a smoke machine like Professor Bubble did).

During the week we focused on the theme of “Growth”. As we are learning about “Humans and Health” we studied what the growth of a healthy heart looked like and the vital components needed. We were fortunate to be able to investigate this on a real lamb’s heart; we used scalpels to identify the different parts of the heart and their function - this gave us a glimpse into the eye of the Science behind our bodies.

We also got the chance to grow our STEM skills through the KNEX workshop we participated in; we had to use our engineering and mathematical skills to design a bridge that had to be 30 cm wide, 20cm high and hold 50g in weight. We experimented with different designs and drew conclusions as to why specific designs worked better.