St Dominic Catholic Primary

If we live by truth and in love, we shall grow in Christ

Year 5 Autumn Term 1

Without a doubt, this term is going very quickly and Year 5 are very busy with lots of exciting activities and new learning.  The classroom is absolutely full to the rafters with the amazing space sculptures that many of the children have made plus the beautiful poems and biographies that other children have submitted.  As teachers, we know the effort that goes into producing work of this high standard so we are so proud of the children (and the parents) and want to say thank you to you all for working so hard on these tasks.


Last week, the children began to answer our Big Question in our space topic "Why do humans want to conquer space when our own world still needs help?" The answers that were suggested by the pupils were excellent and showed that they were able to think divergently and pull on other sources of learning.  It is clear that Year 5 have a great deal of knowledge and insight into global issues that are relevant to our topic.


In addition to this, not only do we have lovely work on space to display but over the last two weeks the pupils have painted beautiful silhouettes of trees on a graduated blue painted background.  They are simply stunning and worthy of any art gallery.  We will be using some of them to create a display outside of our classroom so they can be enjoyed by all.  We definitely have some budding artists in our midst!


In RE, we have spent the last few weeks reflecting on who we are?  We have studied scripture that reminds us that we are children of God, created in God's image, and we are deeply loved and cherished by God.  The children have produced thoughtful poems about how we are so unique in God's eyes.  It was very touching to read the lovely sentiments within them.


In two weeks, we are off to the Space Museum in Leicester. Mrs Luckhurst is leading this trip and it is a brilliant experience that will be a memory that will stay with the pupils forever.  This half term is going very smoothly and we are seeing some good work produced by the children in class.  In Maths, we are looking at place value and negative numbers and in English the children are thoroughly enjoying our book 'Oranges in No Man's Land'.  They recently wrote great short stories about an emergency dash in a vehicle of their choice.  The finished piece showed great promise and creativity.


Well done, Year 5.  You have made a great start to this academic year!  Keep working hard.


Unique by James  

Unique is what all of us are

Nobody in the world is the same

If all of us were same, nothing would change

Queens and kings also share differences

Understanding differences helps us be better people

Each and every one of us should be happy to be unique