St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Welcome back!

What have Year 6 been up to?


French: We have begun our unit on 'This is France'. We've been learning about France's geography and neighbours. We've learnt how to use a distance calculator to identify the distance between two French cities and how to write grammatically correct sentences involving numbers up to and beyond 1,000.

DT: We have researched and prepared design criteria for a mobile phone case to be made from felt. We designed our front cover, which will include a mix of stitching, applique and other decorative items. We have learned about four types of stitches - running, back, over and blanket and how to sew these. With our mobile phone measurements from home, we made a paper template, which included a seam allowance. We are using these templates to pin and cut out our felt fabric for the front and back case covers.