St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Summer term 3

For the past two weeks, Year 2 have been working exceptionally hard to prepare themselves for their quizzes next week. Alongside our quiz revision, we have continued our Geography learning. This week, we recapped our understanding about the world’s continents and oceans. Next week, we will be creating a travel itinerary for a tourist planning to visit one of the countries in our chosen continent. We will talk about some of the physical and human features to visit and what the country's climate and terrain is like.

After a long week of revision and working hard, we were able to finish with a fun run. We spent the day wearing our house colour tops and PE kit. Then in the afternoon, we explored the new race track that was built over the past couple of weeks. We cheered on as Reception and Year 1 ran their laps. Once they had completed their run, we had the opportunity to run two laps around the track. To finish, we had an ice lolly to cool down and eat whilst we watched year 3 run three laps. After Reception - Year 3 had finished running, we watched some of the parents and teachers have a go at running a few laps!