St Dominic Catholic Primary

If we live by truth and in love, we shall grow in Christ

Spring 4

For the past two weeks, leading up to the Easter holidays, Year 2 have been working really hard.

For our Science learning, we have continued to observe our caterpillars complete their life cycle. They have just formed their chrysalis and are getting ready to transform into butterflies. We recorded this stage in our science books, then carefully removed the cocoons from the jar and into their butterfly net home, ready for them to hatch. We had to remove the cocoons very gently, with care so that we did not disturb them! We cannot wait to see if they have hatched when we return from Easter.

In English we have been learning about diary entries and reading a book called ‘Samson’s Titanic Journey’. We followed Samson on his adventure on one of the biggest ships ever built. We combined our knowledge of the Titanic from our history learning and started planning our own diary entries. We used freeze frames and our acting skills to portray feelings and emotions experienced during our imagined journey. 

Leading up to the Easter break, we have carried out a variety of Easter-themed activities. These have included the following: an outdoor pilgrimage visiting the Stations of the Cross; learning about the Easter story; creating our own Easter garden. As a class, we reflected on the importance of the love and sacrifice that Jesus demonstrated to us over the Easter period and explored how we can continue to follow His example of love, kindness and forgiveness while at home with our loved ones during the holidays.