St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Science Week

What great fun we have had this week!

This week, Year 6 got to create iconic buildings out of pasta, marshmallows and lego!  There were some amazing replicas of Hong Kong Bank!  The children worked in small groups and showed great team work and cooperation.  They were skilful in their methods and most of the buildings could stand independently.  It is amazing just how sticky marshmallows can be in warm hands.

The following day, we had a fantastic coding session where the children took the word EMOJI and coded animations for each letter in the word.  The end result was extremely effective and really helped the children to understand the software. SCRATCH.

On Wednesday, Dr Gilham taught us about the human skeleton and how bones grow and develop.  The pupils in Year 6 were able to give some great answers.  We were impressed with their knowledge.

Dressing up on Thursday was fun.  There were some incredible costumes so well done to all.

A massive thank you to Miss Atkins who helped to organise this very successful event.