St Dominic Catholic Primary

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'Risky', Light up and British Sign Language!

Year 3 have had so much fun playing 'risky' and other games to consolidate their understanding of subtraction. They have been looking at various methods of subtraction and demonstrated good understanding of using them in their learning.  

In science this week, they explored different types of switches, identifying and labelling them and then describing their use. Children found the lesson very interesting and related the topic with the types of switches that they use at home.

In DT we have worked hard to complete our torches with a working circuit. The children enjoyed the design process and used their scientific knowledge to build switches for their torches. 

Year 3 also have had a workshop on British Sign Language (BSL). Ami Worrell visited our school. Ami is deaf and the children were given the opportunity to talk to Ami and her interpreter. Ami taught the children how to say hello, good morning, good afternoon and thank you using British Sign Language (BSL). Year 3 also learned how to sign letters of their names using British Sign Language (BSL) and had an attempt at spelling their name letters independently.  

Thank you for completing the homework and all your support this half term. Please continue to encourage your child to bring in their reading book and reading record daily. 

Have a good weekend. 

Miss Bhutta