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Our Future Looks Bright

Our Future Looks Bright

This week being St Dominic Science week we have had a Birds Eye view of what our future may look like in a few decades. Undoubtedly, year 5 students are really showing their interests in this developing world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). We have seen many glorious moments in Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, Understanding the body, and today we look forward to learning about pathogens.


In our topic In Your Element, we have explored natural disasters like Volcanoes and Earthquakes. The entire school was challenged to use Legos to build structures. In line with our topic, year 5 was asked to build a structure that had been devastated by an earthquake. It was intriguing to see how they innovatively took ownership of their projects, the profound resourcefulness they demonstrated, and the distinctiveness in their work. Not to mention, their use of scientific vocabulary to explain what they had constructed.


 Prior to this, they showed their creativity and ingenuity when they were asked to use Knex to build a fairground ride of their choice. Additionally, they had the challenge to build a tall structure using only spaghetti and marshmallows. Suffice to say, these three tasks only showed the power of teamwork, their ability to trust each other, show respect, while showcasing their independent thinking yet being kind throughout. Yet again, their insightful imaginations revealed the endless possibilities of what they envisage tomorrow’s world could look like, through the eyes of our future.