St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Nursery Rhymes - Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

In Science (Understanding of the World) we have been learning about Autumn. We have enjoyed some Autumn story books and have used conkers to develop our subitising (when you can look at a small group of objects and realise how many there are without counting) skills.



In Art we have been using our eyes to explore what happens when we mix colours. We listened to the story 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?' and then had fun mixing together the primary colours. We have made a display of these in the school entrance hall and classroom. 


Thank you for the wonderful donations of bulbs and plants. We have been learning the Nursery rhyme, 'Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary' and all the children have enjoyed planting activities this week, creating our own amazing ‘Mary’  garden with shells and  painted stones.  Our garden is looking colourful, and we hope to see a lovely display of bulbs next Spring.

Don't forget - please name everything!  It is easy for things to become mixed up with a class full of 30 children. ☺


Thank you!

 Amanda Corcoran and the Nursery team