St Dominic Catholic Primary

If we live by truth and in love, we shall grow in Christ



We live in a world that sometimes finds it easier to put people in categories. Inevitably, by doing so, it can place limitations on our thinking. Essentially, how we see ourselves, informs the life choices we make. Hence, knowing who we are, or think we are is vital.


In Religious Education (RE) year 5 started this term with the topic OURSELVES, with the quest to answer the most profound question WHO AM I? This question can only be answered when we explore our genesis.


According to scripture, our genesis begins with God. Year 5 dramatized this truth in many ways. The most memorable was Niall innovatively grabbing a tray, glue stick and anything he could find in the classroom. The group (www) demonstrated how God spoke everything else into existence but with man it was different… Pretending to be God a group of 3 huddled and discussed how they should make man. Unanimously they agreed, in the image of God. Imagining the glue stick is love he (Niall pretending to be God) lavishly poured lots of love, patience, forgiveness, kindness and stirred quickly. Like God, when he looked at the masterpiece, man, he proudly declared, and still today ‘very good’. Mankind, the very image of God in visible form.