St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Happy New Year from Year 6

A big welcome back to Year 6 and also to our new Year 6 teacher, Miss Ball.  Miss Ball is really enjoying getting to know all of the pupils and was full of praise for them this week.  The Year 6 children have made her feel very welcome.

This is going to be a busy term with lots of lovely activities such as Mental Health Week and Science Week.  Next week, we are also going to have a great day where we focus on a Mathematical Task and explore a concept.  In Year 6, we will be looking at tessellating shapes and investigating how the perimeter of a shape is changed as we add more sides to the shape.

In History, this term we will be focussing on the Roman invasion of Britain.  Our new topic is called "You're Not Invited!" and this week, we began by exploring the recent invasion of Ukraine and some of the reasons why Russia decided to invade this country.  I was very impressed with the recall of our previous learning on conflict from Year 5.

We have begun to play netball in our Monday PE slot and this week we were practising pivoting, which is a very important skill in this game.  Over the next few weeks, we hope to play some full sided games, where we practise these new skills as well as our throwing and catching!

Sources is our new RE topic and we spent time this week discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Kindle Books versus hard copies.  The pupils in Year 6 provided some excellent points to create a fascinating discussion.  Freddie concluded that in most religions, the sacred religious books are beautiful texts, which we need to see, feel and read to fully appreciate their content. We all felt that this was a very important point.

Next week, in English, we will begin to study Macbeth.  This is a challenging text but has a great story line to explore.  We will be encouraging the pupils to use their many acting talents and to perform parts of the text.

To conclude, Miss Ball and I wish you all a very happy new year and we hope that this year brings peace and happiness to you and your families.