St Dominic Catholic Primary

If we live by truth and in love, we shall grow in Christ

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year!

It was lovely to welcome the children back and we look forward to an exciting term ahead.

This week, we have introduced the children to the topic of ‘Unity in the Community’ and we will be finding out lots of interesting information about our local area.

During Maths, the children have been identifying and exploring 3D shapes and their properties. For homework, the children have been asked to become shape detectives and find a variety of shapes around their home.

In Computing, the children have been learning about data collection . They have had the opportunity to understand that data can be represented in picture format.  Together as a class, we have created a class pictogram to show how we travel to school and what fruit we like. This has enabled them to contribute to collecting data and discussing results.

During our PSHE lesson, the children have been thinking about their ‘Dreams and Goals’. Each child has had the opportunity to set themselves a goal to work towards this half term and we will be discussing their achievements each week.  

Enjoy the weekend!

Mrs Myers and Mrs Hachar