St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Come Fly With Me

In our Geography topic we have been travelling and exploring North America. We have identified countries in that continent and the regions. It has been exhilarating. In our travels, we have found an interesting group of people called the Native Americans which has certainly got our attention.

Interestingly, as we have explored their culture (their ideas, customs, and social behaviour), we have found that the Native Americans constructed Totem Poles (a tall structure carved out of cedar wood) to commemorate their history, ancestry, descendants, genealogical record, or even to celebrate an event, or as a memoir of their people.  

In the last seven days year 5 have prudently designed their own and have created their own totem pole as a structure that they have designed in design technology. Although traditionally, totem poles are carved by hand, we have used cardboard boxes to construct ours. Have a look at our totem poles celebrating our groups in the foyer area of our school.