St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Car Crumble!

This week, Year 6 had their first opportunity to use a coding system called "Crumble".  Using this software, the children created a piece of coding that connected to an electrical circuit built by them, and it then enabled a light sensor to activate bulbs when it became dark.  This was a simplified but realistic version of the sensors used in modern cars, which automatically operate the car headlights.  The children worked in small groups, using specialised equipment, drawing and making electrical circuits, and documenting their learning using an Ipad.  Below, you will see the children at work.  We had an incredibly busy morning, creating the coding and the circuit, and it was a real achievement when the headlights lit up!  Well done Year 6 for persevering on this complex task.  This was an exciting and unique Design and Technology project, which stretched us all!

This week has also been Wellbeing Week and we have had some fantastic opportunities to learn about maintaining our mental health.  The yoga and "Retune" sessions were exceptionally useful.  Please ask your children about SCALES!  They will explain how this helps us all to cope with life!

Half-term has now arrived and we are all grateful for the rest.  Come back fully refreshed and ready for lots of new learning opportunities.