St Dominic Catholic Primary

If we live by truth and in love, we shall grow in Christ

Autumn Term 6

Year 2 have been extremely busy over the past two weeks with lots of exciting learning and Nativity practice.

We have been finishing off our English topic, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’, by writing our own informal letters to Year 2 about the poor working conditions that different stationery experience in the classroom. In our letters we included some exciting contractions, adjectives and different sentence types! We will be starting our new adventure story called ‘Traction Man’ next week, which we are really excited about.

To continue our learning about significant and influential people, we researched Michael Jordan and reflected on why he was so important and how his accomplishments inspired others. His drive and motivation to become one of the best basketball players and coaches in the world was inspirational. We discussed the importance of having a growth mindset when aiming for our goals.

This week in Science, we put Louis Pasteur’s theory to the test. Using slices of bread, a sandwich bag, soap and labels, we investigated whether washing our hands helps prevent the spread of germs. To try and prove this, we touched one slice of bread with unwashed hands and then touched the other with clean hands. Each slice of bread was then placed in a sandwich bag with a label. We will leave the bread in the class cupboard for a week and then evaluate the results!  

With the Nativity fast approaching, Year 2 have been busy this week rehearsing in the hall for the very first time. We familiarised ourselves with the structure of the stage, worked tirelessly to project our voices whilst singing and worked hard on our dance choreography. Next week, we will be putting our costumes on for the very first time for dress rehearsals. We are so excited to share our performance with you!