St Dominic Catholic Primary

If we live by truth and in love, we shall grow in Christ

Autumn Term 4

Year 2’s first week back after half term has been extremely busy! We have started our new big question: ‘How does diversity encourage positive change in our society?’ and all of our new topics that support us with answering this question. At the beginning of the week, we read our new class text called, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. We explored how the text links to diversity with each of the crayons being different, with a specific job but equally as important.


For Science this week, the children have been keeping up to date with the COP26 conference in Glasgow. As a class we discussed and reflected on the importance of the conference, what climate change is and what we can do to support it. After compiling their own research and creating mind maps, Year 2 picked a leaf from the school grounds and in gold felt tips, wrote a promise to the earth. Their promise reflected actions that they would take to help protect the environment or help decrease global warming. To finish our research, we thought about why it was important that all countries came together to support one another in taking action against climate change. We reflected on diversity and how it is important for different communities, with a variety of backgrounds to work together to achieve the same goal.


After completing our COP26 research, Year 2 started their learning about Scientists and Inventors. We started by focusing on Louis Pasteur and his findings about how germs spread. We were able to link our learning about living things to germs and revisit criteria that classifies things as living. Next week, we will be putting his theory to the test with some bread! Stay tuned…