St Dominic Catholic Primary

If we live by truth and in love, we shall grow in Christ

Autumn Term 3

Year 2 have had a really exciting and busy couple of weeks. At the beginning of the week, we had a special visit from a Wildlife Trust member to carry out some pond dipping. This linked to our Living Things and Habitats learning that we have been exploring in Science. We discussed and explored types of creatures that live and depend on our school pond and what we can do as a school to preserve as many habitats as possible. After that, we had a go at identifying pond creatures by putting pond nets in the pond and putting water samples in trays. As a group, we then had a look at each other’s trays to see what we had all discovered. Some of us found dragonfly larvae and red worms! To end the session, the Wildlife Trust leader showed us how she made her very own mini pond, using basic things such as a washing up tub! We thought it was such an interesting way of providing homes for pond creatures. As part of our homework, we are really excited to try a mini pond ourselves and see what creatures decide to move in! As a class, we also reflected on how we are communicating with friends and family about creating biomes and preserving wildlife by creating mini ponds at home.

In English, we began to explore our new text ‘Window’ by Jeanie Baker. To support our understanding of what the window pictures were showing us, we applied VIPERS (inference in particular) to reflect on the bigger picture. In every image, we could see the impact and consequences of human choices on wildlife and the environment. Next week, we will be planning and writing a non-chronological report about what we saw in the images and specific human choices that are impacting rainforests. In preparation for our reports we learnt about different sentence types to make our writing more exciting and engaging. We really enjoyed using bossy verbs in our command sentences!

In RE, we have started our new topic all about signs and symbols. We reflected on our mission statement and thought about symbols we could create for the words ‘truth, love and grow’ to make it more meaningful to us. After that, we began to explore baptism and why it is a significant sacrament. We researched and identified different symbols such as the font, water, holy oil and the meanings behind them.

Year 2 have had such a fantastic first half term and have worked incredibly hard. I hope you all have a lovely half term break and look forward to starting new, exciting topics when you return.