St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Communication with Year 2

Year 2 have had an excellent start to the new term. From cave art to the Great Kapok Tree, we have been busy bees!

Year 2 have had the opportunity to really explore our big question and understand what communication means. We discussed what different types of communication are and which we think are the most effective to spread positive messages. As part of our history topic, we travelled back in time to Ancient Rome, Pre-historic caves in France and the Ming Dynasty in China to see what types of communication they used to spread messages. After analysing primary and secondary sources, we discovered that the Romans used Vindolanda tablets, Latin and mosaics to communicate to people. The Romans frequently depicted stories about victorious battles or emperors on mosaics. Also, we learnt that cave men and women used berries and animal blood to express themselves with paintings on cave walls, and beacons were used as defence communication on the Great Wall of China.

For English, we have been reading the story the Great Kapok Tree. We have tried to link our big question to the story and think of ways in which communication might help protect some of the rare species in the Amazon Rainforest. For our writing, we have learnt all about extended noun phrases and had a go at using adjectives to describe some of the nouns in the story. We really enjoyed describing some of the animals!

As part of our RE topic, Year 2 have reflected on New Beginnings and the opportunity to start again. We thought about how starting Year 2 was an exciting new beginning and discussed what we were looking forward to in Year 2. As a class we reflected on how new beginnings are a positive thing and should be seen as opportunities to grow. In addition, we wrote prayers to God about our new beginnings and thought about how communication could provide positive new beginnings around the world.

It has been a lovely start to the term and the Year 2 team are really looking forward to diving deeper into our topics and big question with the children. Well done, Year 2!