St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Disney and Rockets

This week we have really taken a dive into our animation topic. During our history lessons, we continued to research into Walt Disney’s past using primary and secondary sources and uncovered many of the challenges that he faced before fulfilling his dreams. Despite constantly moving as a child, struggling with money and completing a paper-round before and after school to support his family,  he still never gave up on his dream. As a class, we thought back to Year 2 when we learnt about the concept of a ‘growth mindset’ and how Walt Disney demonstrated this.

In Science we have been planning an experiment to see how much air pressure is needed to launch a rocket. We have carefully thought through and organised our practical experiment for our test next week. As a class, we have identified the different variables and reflected on how we will make sure it is a fair test. To develop our working scientific skills, we will practise recording key information and measurements, so that we can present our findings in detail to each other.