St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Autumn 5

In Year 4, we have been busy learning about lots of exciting things. We started the week by further exploring daylight and darkness in the Polar Regions, researching gluten free bread for D&T and role playing French markets to practise our French knowledge and pronunciation of vegetables.

After completing our Polar Region homework, we conducted some research into hours of daylight and darkness in the Arctic and Antarctic every month of the year. We then compared it to the amount of daylight and darkness in London. Once we had our results, we reflected on the impact that the hours of daylight would have on people’s lifestyles if they lived there.

For our D&T topic this term, we are making bread rolls. Due to an increase of food alternatives and food allergies that exist today, we were keen to explore gluten free bread and what gluten free means. We conducted some research into where and when gluten free bread started and how it differs to normal bread. Then, we had a think about what ingredients we would use and not use for our rolls next week.

Our French topic this half term has been ‘Les Legumes’ (vegetables). Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard to learn as many words for vegetables in French that we can. Using our French phonetic learning from the previous half term, we practised our French accents when rehearsing the vegetables. Yesterday, we created a vegetable market and had a go at being French grocers and customers buying vegetables. We were able to independently ask for a variety of vegetables and say please and thank you. Some of us could even ask for a specific weight of vegetables.