St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Year 4 have been exceptionally busy exploring different topics, places and preparing for their class assembly. 


For RE, Year 4 learnt about Judaism. They explored the key elements of the faith and learnt about the Torah. As a class, they compared the key similarities and differences between the Torah and Bible and discussed how they are used in each faith. 


As part of our Geography topic, Year 4 researched human and physical features in different parts of the world. They explored Paris and recently researched Canada. The class identified features such as rugged peaks, snow glaciers, Hudson Bay and beautiful cities. In addition, Year 4 discovered that Maple syrup is associated as a symbol of Canada, due to the maple leaf. In fact, Canada produces 85% of the world’s Maple Syrup.


Over the past few days, Year 4 have been preparing for their class assembly. We have been learning different drama techniques to captivate the audience and a new song to mark the beginning of advent. We hope you enjoy our performance!