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Magic, Muggles and Wizards!

Year 4 had a very exciting week last week… we visited Harry Potter World!

Before we began our magical adventure, we started our day by having a go at making stop motion animations in groups and Zoetropes. It was interesting to compare the difference between the technology used for stop motion animations with ipads and paper drawings for Zoetropes. It made us realise how much more technology allows us to do to make animations more exciting!

In the afternoon, we made our way to the studios. We were given special passports with quizzes and stamp marks for us to take around throughout the tour.

Our first stop was to the STEM workshop where we learnt about some of the hidden secrets behind filming Harry Potter. We were taught about scale factor and how this was used during the film to make models of buildings appear much larger on screen! We even had a go at doing our own drawings using scale factor - it was so interesting!

Before heading on our tour, we stopped at the Chocolate Frog Café. There we had some snacks and got to look around the main hall area. Unfortunately, we did not see any chocolate frogs hopping about!

During the tour, we saw the Death Eaters, broomsticks, wands and a roaring dragon. There was so much to take in! We were all so impressed with how producers used the different sets to create the film. After the trip, we were ready to enlist at Hogwarts!