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Building Curiosity and Confidence Greater Depth Maths Investigation Day-Monday 16th January 2023


On Monday 16th January, we launched our first “Building Curiosity and Confidence Maths Investigation Day” across Years 1-6. Pupils spent the whole day using practical resources to investigate their chosen enquiry question whilst enhancing their problem-solving and reasoning skills. Throughout the day, pupils were encouraged to be curious, connect their observations to past learning, collaborate with peers, communicate mathematically, create examples and consider their learning.

Our aim is that these series of days will help all of our pupils develop the skills and behaviours they need to become curious and confident mathematicians not just in the classroom but in everyday life!

Please see below for an outline of the investigation each year group completed and photographs of the day.

Year 1

I Can Read Your Mind!

Year 2

Money Maze!

Year 3

Simple Subtraction

Year 4

Marching Elephants (Timestables)

Year 5

Ancient Egyptian Fractions

Year 6

Talented Tessellations


Programme of Study

Y1 Programme of Study

Y2 Programme of Study

Y3 Programme of Study

Y4 Programme of Study

Y5 Programme of Study

Y6 Programme of Study

Progression Documents

Progression: Addition & Subtraction

Progression: Fractions & Decimals

Progression: Geometry, Position & Direction

Progression: Properties of Shapes

Progression: Measurement

Progression: Multiplication & Division

Progression: Multiplication & Place Value

Progression: Ratio & Algebra

Progression: Statistics

Useful Websites

Primary Games

Maths Zone


Internet-based Activities relating to Number and Place ValueChinese Dragon Ordering Numbers

Underwater Counting Game

Give the Dog a Bone

Spin to Win

Eggs to Order (KS1)

Eggs to Order (KS2)

Super Sid's Decimal Challenge

Ghostblasters: Operation Even

Ghostblasters: Operation Odd

Splat Square

Internet-based Games relating to Times Tables Practice

Teaching Tables

Robin Hood Doubles

Multiple Wipeout