St Dominic Catholic Primary

If we live by truth and in love, we shall grow in Christ

Autumn Term 2

During our RE lessons, the children have been listening to the story of Jesus and the children. They have been learning about the elements and symbols of a Baptism and used role-play to consolidate this learning. Through this, the children have had time to think about how we are welcomed into God’s family, and the words used during a Baptism. We were very fortunate to have a visit from Father Michael this week as well.

In English, the children have worked hard to create autumn and firework poems. They have been focussing on rhythm and rhyme, onomatopoeia and adding the suffix –ing to root words.

The children have been using many manipulatives during Maths to secure addition up to 10 and beyond. They have enjoyed using the Cuisenaire rods and Unifix cubes that provide a visual and concrete approach to abstract Maths.

 During Science, the children have enjoyed exploring ‘Everyday Materials’. They began by naming and sorting materials, and then went on to explore different materials used around our school.

 We began our new topic and discussed what we would be learning about in ‘Geography’. Afterwards, we researched facts about the Arctic Circle.

In Music, the children have joined Year 2 to start learning and singing the songs for our Nativity. I am sure in the coming weeks, you will be hearing lots more of these songs at home.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Myers and Mrs Serra